SHCC 501(c)3 Non-profit

* Home Intervention Referral Service  (Rent, Utilities, and housing , advocacy services

*RentWise  Education Training (new)

This training is being offered to educate renters. In the hope of preventing  and ending homelessness( Training dates will be announced in October)


Nothing is more Important than family

Let’s work together to advocate to prevent and end homelessness,” Prevention "is key to ending homelessness. Lets work together to get   policies and barriers remove that prevent families from receiving help when they are in an emergency crisis.   Let's work together to end crime, poverty and high school drop out rates by advocating for quality education, accommodations and job opportunities for children, youth and adults.  Lets work together to keep our families safe by challenging and encouraging parents to be more involved in their children lives socially and academically.  Let's work together to help our children be responsible, respectful, caring and God fearing.  Let’s support our children, parents, teachers, and childcare providers by standing together to advocate for affordable quality housing, quality education, quality jobs, and quality family assistance for all citizens.  

Safe Haven Community Center

& Safe Haven Preschool Childcare 

2895 Binney St 402 932-6103

Our Mission is to provide education and housing services to adults, children and families while acting as a holistic resource and referral advocacy service community center, insuring all clients receive education and housing services needed to have a healthy stable home environment to become productive citizens.   Please enjoy this page while we work on our new website. 
Celebrating 15 Years of Service.

​​Website on by Safe Haven Preschool Childcare.  established  2000


*Youth & Adults Literacy, GED, ESL ClassesJob Skills, Work Experience

*Adult  Dyslexia Tutoring(new)

*KIDS CAN READ Reading Tutorial Academy (adopted from SHPC2013 ))

KCR  program is for very low-income children who do not qualify for childcare or other family services)  Supporting  children who   struggling with reading, who are  dyslexic , and or has a learning disability.(Must qualify)



Right to Educate Advocate for Dyslexic Students

*Parent Special Education Support

*Professional Development & Parent Seminar Trainingon Dyslexia and other related topics

(parents, educators, childcare providers, organizations Contact 402 916-9653

Board Members

Gwen Easter        President,     Executive  Director

Gail Ross                Treasure

Tracy Erwin            Secretary

Safe Haven Preschool Childcare

(Serving  all children. Children who are struggling readers, dyslexic, and or have a learning disability)

*KIDS CAN READ Reading Tutorial Academy  (KCR Book Club, challenge

*Early Childhood  Inclusion Preschool Program               

For profit business                  Est 2000

                                       Dyslexia is Not a Myth!  

It affects 1 in 5 children and adults.   That’s 20% of the population. In every classroom sits 2 or 3 children who probably have dyslexia. There are many adults and children who are dyslexic, yet many remain undiagnosed, and untreated.  All children and adults can learn to READ if provided the appropriate methods and accommodations    



Safe Haven Community Center Celebrates 15 Years of Service.

Safe Haven Preschool Childcare Celebrates 14 years of  service to the Greater Omaha area. Thank You for allowing us to serve  your family!Please enjoy more video's of our journey through the years! To my Lord Jesus Christ God Be the Glory !

Safe Night Youth Rallies

Promoting non-violence, gang life, avoidance of drug and alcohol. Promoting God first, neighborhood safety and community unity

SHCC has held 13 Youth Rally events since 1999. Spreading the Gospel to over 2,000 families

 Providing Education & Housing Services Since 1999

Gwen Easter is the founder of Safe Haven Community Center and owner of Safe Haven Preschool Childcare. She is a Certified Dyslexia Advocate, Graduate of the Dyslexia Training Institute Dyslexia Advocate Certificate Program credited through the University of San Diego. She has over 900 educational training hours. She has tutored adults and children for 17 Years . She has provided social services and advocated for families for 15 years to receive services for housing, rent, utilities, welfare issues 

KIDS CAN READ Reading Tutorial Academy focuses on the foundation of reading. We provide a Systematic Sequential, Explicit,Multisensory Reading, Language Arts, Spelling and Writing-teaching activity based learning environment, and fun math, science & recreational activities for all children.


Statistics Across the Nation

Low literacy and functional illiteracy is is huge problem in our communities. It is affecting are society as whole.  Literacy impacts both educational achievement as well as economic status, and low literacy levels affect unemployment; poverty; academic failure; increased criminal behavior and poor health outcomes . According tothe Department of Education and the National Institute of Literacy, 32 million adults in the U.S can't read. That 's 14 percent of the population.

21 percent  of adults in the U.S. read below a 4th grade level, and 19 percent of high school graduates can't read. More than 60% of urban children do not graduate from high school.