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Support Letter for Services Provided by Safe Haven

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Safe Haven Community Center is 501( c ) 3 grassroots organization.  We assist youth adults and families who may other wise fall through the cracks of our education, housing, and social service system.

Our mission is to provide housing, education, advocacy  services to adults, children and families while acting as a holistic resource and referral social service community center to insuring that all clients receive housing, education, advocacy and housing services needed to have a healthy stable home environment and to become productive citizens.  


                      Parent Testimony

Thank You so Much for All You Do!  Safe Haven is a diamond in the rough of our city-much app
reciation.  May God continue to bless. My family and I  would like to sincerely thank you for all your time, effort and work you put into helping us save our home and finding funds to help with July rent. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. What a blessing you are to our community for all you do helping families in need and working with our  children to reach their full learning potentials.

 Love M. Scott and family

Gwen receives dyslexia proclamation from Governor Pete Ricketts. 

History of Safe Haven Community Center 

Safe Haven Community Center and Safe Haven Early Childhood Preschool Education Academy are the forerunner for many programs and services  for children, adult, and families in the areas of early childhood, preschool education, Youth and Adult GED, ESL classes,  tutorial  services supporting youth and adults who have a learning disability, dyslexia, work experience, job readiness training and housing that many organizations now offer.  Safe Haven has worked with Nebraska Department Health Human Services case workers, Employment First, Rescare, Metro Community College and other non profit organizations who referred their clients to Safe Haven Community Center and Safe Haven Early Childhood Preschool Education Academy. Ms. Easter's Safe Haven Early Childhood Preschool Education Academy has been the primary support of Safe Haven Community Center. However, other private donors, churches, Woodmen of the World, Mammel Foundation, City Omaha Enterprise Zone grant have supported Safe Haven Community Center.

Early Childhood & Parent Network

The Early Childhood & Parent Network members believe parents are their child's first teacher. We believe professional child-care providers, parents and grandparents can work together to ensure that children are prepared academically and for life.  The Network supports early childhood child-care providers in-home/centers, parents, grandparents and teachers by inspiring, empowering, advocating and educating. We do this through educational services, conferences, training workshops, meetings, and advocating for policies and legislation.  

For more information go to the Early Childhood  & Parent Network page. 

R.E.A.D.S (Right to Educate Advocate for Dyslexic Students & Special Education)

R.E.A.D.S believes every child with dyslexia needs classroom accommodations, and/or extra educational services to be academic successful in school. R.E.A.D.S Advocates understands this, and we are here to help support parents in advocating for their child's educational rights. R.E.A.D.S Advocates are here to help answer your questions, attend meetings and support you through the IEP or 504 process.  Dyslexia Tutoring available for school age children for more information go to R.E.A.D.S page.  Youth and Adults 18-Adults will receiving tutoring services through R.E.A.D.S.

Youth and Adult Literacy, GED, ESL Education & Tutorial program Safe Haven provided a youth and adult education classes, and tutorial services to American, Somalia, Sudanese, Korea, Burma, and Hispanic youth and adults.  Ms. Easter's staff, certified and non certified teachers and volunteers helped youth and adults who struggled with reading, writing  and have a  learning disability dyslexia  learn to read and write,  learn English, prepare for GED testing, and jobs since 2000.  Safe Haven's Adult Education program helped  11 student obtain their GED and were referred  to Metro Community College to take the final test.  Safe Haven  has served 398 students through the Youth and Adult  Education Literacy, GED, ESL, and Work Experience Job Readiness classes. Our Work Experience program included over 240 Maximus Employment First, Rescare participants since 2007 .  We have also helped a few adults’ study for their citizenship.  Youth and Adults 18-Adults will receiving tutoring services through R.E.A.D.S. 


However due to Ms. Easter having to take on the Omaha Public School system, Educare, and Buffet Early Childhood Institute and their partnerships concerning the monopoly and sabotage of the childcare industry by recruiting parents from other childcare businesses, and encouraging them to attend their programs by down playing the childcare industry referring to the industry as "baby sitters" and using private and public tax dollars to offer free childcare services which forced out over 100 hundred childcare businesses in North Omaha including Ms Easter childcare businesses.  Ms. Easter had no other choice but to place the GED, ESL, Work Experience  classes on hold because the childcare businesses was the primarily support.  Youth 18-Adults will also be able to receiving tutoring services through R.E.A.D.S. services. (GED,ESL and Work Experience is on hold until funding is available.) Ms. Easter in August reopened her daycare and is continue to provide services through Safe Haven Community Center.

 ​Home Intervention Referral Service

Safe Haven Community Center has also served over 585 families through the Home Intervention Referral Service.  Our housing specialists research, connect and advocate for low-income families who are in jeopardy of losing their home or in need of a home get connected  to community agencies and churches for utilities, deposits, rent. Our specialists advocates for adults and families to receive services because often times there are barriers that disqualify a family from receiving services from agencies. 

Our specialist work with families to connect to landlords to rent their properties. Our specialist are certified Rentwise trainers. It is our goal to offer a RentWise education training to educate individuals and families about renting and other topics that support families housing need. 

Safe Night Youth Rally

Safe Haven Community Center has host 15 Safe Night Youth Rallies since 1999 and have reached over  over 3,000 children and families.  Safe Nights Youth Rallies discourage drug, alcohol,  gang life.  Promotes putting God/Jesus first ,neighborhood safety, love, peace and unity in the community. 

          Non-profit 501 ( c ) 3

   Safe Haven Community Center          

    Prevention & Intervention education, advocacy center serving children & families in the Greater Omaha Community   Since 1999