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Safe Haven Preschool Child Care is a prevention and intervention education reader-centered childcare. 

Our Mission:  To provide education and housing services to adults, children and families while acting as a holistic resource and referral advocacy social service community center insuring that all clients receive education and housing services needed to have a healthy stable home environment and to become productive citizens.


SAFE HAVEN COMMUNITY CENTER is a prevention and intervention agency that serves children, adults, and families who may otherwise fall through the cracks of our education and social services system. 


​KIDS CAN READ™ Reading Tutorial Academy. ( adopted from SHPC (2012)


We understand that children develop at different rates, and do not all learn the same.  We provide a broad range of education hands-on fun learning labs to help infants, toddlers, preschoolers develop and grow socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically.  

We prepare preschoolers for kindergarten. 

Early Childhood Education Inclusion  Preschool  Program

KIDS CAN READ™ Reading Tutorial


We provide tutoring to school age children who struggle with reading and have a learning disability, such as dyslexia. We focus on the foundation areas of reading. 

SHPC R.E.A.D.S.  (Right to Educate Advocate Dyslexic Students Special Education)

R.E.A.D.S provides education advocacy support to parents and professional development training seminars about dyslexia to educators, parents, childcare providers, and organizations.

Dyslexia is a language processing disability that affects reading, writing, and spelling,

It affects 1 in 5 children and adults.   That’s 20% of the population.  In every classroom sits 2 or 3 children who probably has dyslexia.

All children can learn to READ if provided the right methods and accommodations. 

We provide a systematic sequential explicit multisensory language phonics teaching using visual, auditory, and kinesthetic–tactile teaching methods, hands on learning labs, individual and group tutoring to children and adults who struggle with reading, have a learning disability, dyslexia.

           Parent Education Advocacy

*Free Consultation     *Review Reports

*Observation                 *Report  Writing

*File Review                  *IEP / 504 Plan

*Letter Writing               *Goal Writing

Professional Development  Dyslexia Training Seminars go to R.E.A.D.S page.

          Ext Line: 402 916-9653 


Safe Haven Community Center and Safe Haven Preschool Child Care is a prevention and intervention  agency and childcare that serves children, adults, and families who may otherwise fall through the cracks of our education and social services system. 

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