Gwen receiving dyslexia proclamation from Governor Pete Ricketts

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About the Founder

Gwen Easter is the owner of Safe Haven Early Childhood Preschool Education Academy licensed and accredited through NHHS established since 2000.  Ms. Easter has been a strong activist and advocate for children and families in the areas of education, housing, social service and neighborhood safety.    Ms. Easter started working in the childcare industry at the age of 16.    She has prepared children for kindergarten and tutored children and adults in reading for approximately 18 years through her agency, academy and as an AmeriCorps Vista volunteer tutor, program organize for Omaha Public Schools various tutoring programs, OPS OOIC Adult Education GED/Literacy class and other local organization and churches from 1998-2000.  It was during her AmeriCorps service time she discovered more than half the children and adults she worked with struggled with reading and writing and had a learning disability such as dyslexia.   God gave her the vision to open her agency and academy to provide family services, prepare children for kindergarten and to help children and adults who struggle with reading, writing and have a learning disability such as dyslexia.  Ms. Easter researched developed her own early childhood, preschool & tutoring programs.   After years of working with children and adults and having understanding of how learning disability, dyslexia affect children and adults. Ms. Easter decided to become a certified dyslexia and special education advocate to advocate and help other children that did not attend her academy and agency and bring more awareness about dyslexia.   As a graduate of the Dyslexia Training Institute, a credited through the San Diego University for 3 extension credits Ms. Easter is a Certified Dyslexia and Special Education Advocate, trainer, consultant, and screener.  She has received Certificate of Completion through Susan Barton Bright Solution graduate level Dyslexia Screening course. Ms. Easter offers R.E.A.D.S™ (Right to Educate Advocate for Dyslexic Students Special Education™) in conjunction to her early childhood, preschool and before and after school KIDS CAN READ! program ™ Reading Tutorial Academy service. Ms. Easter has over 900 professional development hours that are related to services provided through her academy and agency. She is also a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  She has held 14 Safe Night Youth Rallies to encourage children, adults and families to put God and Jesus first. Promote non-violence avoidance of drugs, alcohol and gang life and domestic violence. 



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