Gwen receives dyslexia proclamation from Governor Pete Ricketts. 

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Early Childhood & Parent Network Professional Development Trainers

Early Childhood & Parent Network  Reading Literacy and Healthy Education Conferences

Covering dyslexia, early childhood edcuation, financial literacy! Supporting Dyslexia Awareness! 

Join the Early Childhood & Parent Network and  receive information about meeting, conferences, education training, resources and legislation policies that affect  parents  & childcare industry

​​​​​​​Safe Haven offers the Early Childhood & Parent Network  supports professional early childhood preschool childcare providers, parents grandparents and others who work with children by inspiring, empowering, advocating and educating through educational services and resources, conferences, training workshops, meetings, education policy and  legislation to protect parents rights and the childcare industry.  We are pleased to have over 100 hundred childcare professionals,  parents, grandparents, teachers and others who work with children join the Early Childhood &  Parent Network.

    Safe Haven Community Center's 

   Early Childhood & Parent Network

 About the Early Childhood & Parent Network

Safe Haven Community Center's Early Childhood & Parent Network and it's members believe parents are their child's first teacher.  We believe professional child-care providers, parents, grandparents and teachers and others can work together to ensure that children are prepared academically and for life.  The Network supports early childhood child-care providers in-home/centers, faith base preschools, parents grandparents, teachers and other who work with children  by inspiring, empowering, advocating and educating.  We do this through educational services, conferences, training workshops, meetings, and advocating for policies and legislation to protect the childcare industry and parents rights. 

 We provide a Reading Literacy & Healthy Education conferences for childcare providers, parents, grandparents, teachers and others who work with children. 

The Early Childhood & Parent Network Reading Literacy & Healthy Education conferences are held to provide professional development, educational training, and to raise awareness about dyslexia.  The conferences share educational ideas and activities that can be used in the childcare setting, home and school.  The conferences also provide and opportunity for childcare providers, parents, grandparents to connect in one place to learn about childcare businesses services.  The conferences provides an opportunity to learn how childcare providers, parents and teachers can work together to ensure children succeed academically and in life.  

How to Join Us

 Safe Haven Early Childhood & Parent Network has over 100 members. We invite childcare providers, parents , grandparents, and faithbased preschool centers,  You may also join our Safe Haven Community Center's Early Childhood & Parent Network facebook group.  This is a place for child-care providers  parents and others to share ideas ask each other questions, and post resources. This is a closed group and only members can see posts.  Everyone must register to be a member.  Also, if you register and attend Safe Haven sponsored conferences, you will automatically become a registered member of the network. Please register at top to join the network.

Concerns for Childcare Industry

In 2015 the Early Childhood & Parent Network was created to raise awareness about 115 childcare businesses being forced out of business in the North Omaha area, including the founder of Safe Haven Community Center daycare business, after being sabotaged and monopolized by Omaha Public School System and their private non profit organization partnerships which includes, Educare, University of Nebraska Buffet Early Childhood Institute Superintendent Plan for 11 School district Learning Community of Douglas and Sarpy County to become the hub of early childhood education, and to help 75 North   promote an advance their Mix development, cradle to career and wellness Purpose Build Community model.

 It is unfortunate that this monopoly is happening across Nebraska and beyond. Eleven 11percent of childcare businesses have closed across the country due to public/private partnerships.

 2015 Buffet Early Childhood Institute tried to get  LB 773 Workforce bill passed that would have affected all childcare business across Nebraska. Safe Haven Community Center created Early Childhood & Parent Network  and held  meetings with childcare providers and state senators to stop this bill. Letters were sent to the education legislation committee about our concerns on how this bill would affect childcare providers.  Since that time we have worked to stop three other bills from moving out of the education committee that will affect childcare providers and parents right to decide who teaches and takes care of their children. The Early Childhood & Parent Network on Jan 2018 also spoke on behalf of childcare businesses before the legislation to opposed Bill LR 270 C A  requesting Nebraska Legislation change the Constitution from 5 years of age which would establish “free” tax payer-paid public education starting at the age of three years to allow publics schools to take in 3-4 year olds which would lead to mandatory preschool for all children. If passed this bill would force out more In-Home/Center/Faith based preschools. 

Jan 29, 2018 we opposed Bill LB 877 that would allow more funding to be given to early childhood education to help with services such as transportation and other needs.

 There is a need for child-care business owners to stand and work together to ensure that the In-home and child-care centers, faith base preschools remain strong here and beyond.  We are competing with the Buffet Institute Early Childhood Superintendent plan operating in 11 school districts across Nebraska.   For over 40 years the child-care industry has educated and cared for children. We must continue to offer parents choice in deciding who educates and cares for their young children.